American Pronghorn American Pronghorn

The American Pronghorn is a fast running mammal that eats plants. They are found throughout western North America. Although they look like the antelope found in Africa and are often called the American Antelope, they are not related.


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The following three movies were taken at the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Lima, Montana during Fall 2003.

American Pronghorn Running
Description (QuickTime Movie, no sound): A group of American Pronghorn running across grasslands.

American Pronghorn Landscape
Description (QuickTime Movie, no sound): A group of American Pronghorn with mountains in the distance.

American Pronghorn Standing and Running
Description (QuickTime Movie, no sound): An American Pronghorn standing and running across grasslands.


Single American Pronghorn (shown above right)

Single American Pronghorn in Grassland

Single American Pronghorn Standing

Single American Pronghorn Running

Single American Pronghorn Facing Camera

Two American Pronghorn Walking Away

American Pronghorn Babies

American Pronghorn Eating

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