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After exploring the naturescapes projects, you may want to create your own. If you have a digital still or video camera, go outside and create your own photographs of nature. Regardless of whether you live in the city or country, there are interesting natural environments everywhere. Start in your backyard, garden, or local park. Or, take your camera on a field trip or vacation.

If you'd like to create a project about an animal but don't have movies or photographs, this is the page will help! For each of the animals below, you'll find photographs and movies you can use in your project.

You'll need a player that can handle QuickTime videos to see the movies. Go to Apple: QuickTime Player to download a free player.

Naturescapes Starters is a copyright-friendly image and movie resource for educators and students. The collection was developed as part of a partnership between the eduScapes natureScapes project and TIPT - PT3 project.

The photographs and movies above can be used in educational projects, but may not be reproduced for sale. Be sure to include the following citation somewhere in your project. Insert the title of the photograph or movie where it says ImageName.

Lamb, A. & Johnson, L. (2004). ImageName. Naturescapes Starters. <>


Funding for this project was provided through a grant from Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology (PT3) from the US Department of Education.
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Dr. Berhane Teclehaimanot, Principal Investigator & Assistant Professor, College of Education

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