The University of Toledo
Educational Technology Graduate Program


Educational Technology Online Master’s Program
Thirty (30) Semester Credit Hours

The program is intended for students interested in working as instructional designers/developers or media specialist in school districts, colleges, and universities. The program also helps graduates for work in industry as instructional designers, online course developers, and consultant’s in-academic/non-academic environments.

The Master’s (M.Ed.) program in educational Technology consists of a minimum of ten (10) courses, thirty (30) credit hours. Students must take twelve (12) hours core college required courses. They also must take 18 credit hours in (their specific program area) Educational Technology. The entire degree program is offered online via the Internet (Web). The breakdown of these courses is provided below.

College Core Requirements (12 Hours): Students must complete one course from each of the following four areas:

a. Educational Psychology (Select one course with advisor as available online)

  • EDP 5110 - Basic Educational Psychology
  • EDP 5120 - Alternative Approaches to Discipline
  • EDP 5210 - Child Behavior and Development
  • EDP 5220 - Adolescent Behavior and Development
  • EDP 5230 - Adult Development
  • EDP 5310 - Issues and Innovations in Learning & Instruction
  • EDP 5320 - Instructional PsychologyEDP 5330 - Behavior Management

b. Research Foundations (Select one course with advisor as available online)

  • RESM 5110 - Quantitative Methods I
  • RESM 5210 - Educational Testing And Grading
  • RESM 5310 - Educational Research
  • RESM 5330 - Qualitative Research Methods I

c. Social Foundations (Select one course with advisor as available online)

  • TSOC 5100 - Group Processes in Education
  • TSOC 5110 - Modern Educational Controversies
  • TSOC 5200 - Sociological Foundations of Education
  • TSOC 5210 - Multicultural Non-Sexist Education
  • TSOC 5230 - Intergroup and Intercultural Education
  • TSOC 5300 - Philosophy and Education
  • TSOC 5500 - History of Schooling and Teaching in the U.S.

d. Curriculum: Educational Technology

  • ETPT 5100 - Instructional Systems Design Principles

Educational Technology Specialization Required Courses (12 hours)

  • ETPT 5000 - Introduction to Educational Technology
  • ETPT 5210 - Introduction to multimedia & Web Design
  • ETPT 6300 - Technology Management in K-16 Education
  • ETPT 6900 - Master’s Seminar in ETPT

Educational Technology Electives (Select two courses (6 hours) with advisor as available online)

  • ETPT 5270 - Instructional Video Production
  • ETPT 5550 - Using the Internet in the Classroom
  • ETPT 5950 - Workshop in ETPT
  • ETPT 5980 - Special Topics in ETPT
  • ETPT 5990 - Independent Study in ETPT
  • ETPT 6150 - Designing Instruction for Diverse Learners
  • ETPT 6230 - Developing Web-Based Instruction
  • ETPT 6510 - Teaching and Learning at a Distance
  • ETPT 6810 - Research and Theory in ETPT

Prospective Students: Admission Guidelines

The application process for Master’s Degree Program in Educational Technology is completed completely online. The University of Toledo application requirements and other relevant information are available at the Graduate Studies website and should be able to answer all of your application-related questions. Please open the College of Graduate Studies links and there are two ways to apply to the program: by paper form or online. Follow the links below to learn more about admissions and to begin the application process:

Graduate Admissions:

Admissions Criteria: Click Here for specific admission criteria.

If you have any difficulty selecting the appropriate application and also financial support for international students related issues, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at 419.530.4723 or email

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