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A wide variety of resources are available in the applied arts including agriculture, industrial, vocational, technical career, and business education. Many of these resources provide children and young adults with opportunities to apply what they've learned in reading, writing, and math to real-world situations.

Explore materials in the following categories:

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Professional Organizations, Standards, and Materials
Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)
The largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers - - now has more than 38,000 members nationally who represent subject areas ranging from business education to health occupations education.

International Technology Education Association (ITEA)
Largest professional educational association (40,000 educators), principal voice, and information clearinghouse devoted to enhancing technology education through experiences in our schools (K-12).

National Centers for Career and Technical Education (NCCTE)
Consortium: The primary partners - University of Minnesota, The Ohio State University, The University of Illinois, Oregon State University, The Pennsylvania State University -- represent some of this nation's premier providers of career and technical instructor, administrator, and counselor education -- both initial and continuing preparation.

Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)
Website has information, research, and resources to help prepare young people and adults for postsecondary education, successful careers, and productive lives. OVAE's activities fall into four areas: High Schools, Career and Technical Education, Community Colleges, and Adult Education and Literacy

General Starting Points

Matrix of WebQuest Examples
Explore webquests in life skills/careers for grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, or adults


Starting Points

42explore Projects
Background information and links to quality websites, activities, webquests, and teaching materials

Resources for Teachers and Young Adults

American Sheet Industry Association
Information about sheep industry

Beef Home Page
Information about beef industry

Livestock Breeds
Information and terminology related to livestock of all kinds including cattle, goats, horses, sheep, swine, and others

National Agricultural Library
Information about agriculture in the US

National Future Farmers of America
National organization with lots of information

National Pork Producers Council
Perspective and information of pork industry

Public Lands Information Center
Information about the wide range of public lands



Business & Personal Finance

Starting Points

42explore Projects
Background information and links to quality websites, activities, webquests, and teaching materials

Matrix of WebQuest Examples
Explore webquests in business for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Resources for Teachers

Better Business Bureau
Learn about what to look for in businesses

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Locate labor statistics and other information

Minnesota Public Radio's Sound Money
Great streaming audio radio program online

US Treasury - Education
Great educational materials on money

Resources for Young Adults

Auto Loan Calculator
Learn about car loans

Business Week Online
Online version of the magazine

International Currency Converter
Convert money from one country's currency to another

Money Matters for Kids
Money information about activities for kids

Secret's of Making Money from NOVA
Based on the video, learn about money


Tax Interactive from the IRS,,id=15548,00.html
Information about taxes

Resources for Children

Change Maker from Fun Brain
Learning game about money changing

Online Kid's Calculators
Use an online calculator

Treasury History for Kids
Learn about the history of money in the US

Treasury's Page for Kids
Learn about money

US Mint for Kids
Learn about the US mint


Career and College

Starting Points

42explore Projects
Background information and links to quality websites, activities, webquests, and teaching materials

Careers from Yahooligans
Links to resources for children and young adults

College and Career Prep from HomeWorkSpot
Organized, annotated links

Resources for Teachers

College and Career from the Richland County Public Library
Links for students and teachers

Resources for Students

America's Career InfoNet
Help in making a decision about a career

Career Builder
Career information and resources

College and University Rankings
Ranking for different majors

Jobs for Kids Who Like..
Resource to help students choose a career
Kids for job hunting and preparation

Occupational Outlook
Information about different careers and work-related information

Peterson's Educational Center
Career and college information

Salary Calculator
Compare the cost of living in hundreds of US cities

What Do They Do?
Explore lots of different careers



Resources for Students

Arts, Crafts, and Sewing


Home Care


Industrial Arts and Technology

Starting Points

42explore Projects
Background information and links to quality websites, activities, webquests, and teaching materials


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Principal Investigator
Dr. Berhane Teclehaimanot, Principal Investigato r& Professor, College of Education

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